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Bamboozlers (Bamboozlers)

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🎍🎍 BAMBOOZLERS GARDEN 🎍🎍 CURRENT POPULATION: 5,274 🎍🎍 Years ago in a metaverse far away, an interspatial meteorite slammed into the pandaverse. The blast affected ~3000 pandas in the radius, causing them to grow more intelligent, suave and experimental. Following their transformation, the affected pandas congregated in the most prestigious bamboo valley residing near Gooch Mountain. They became so much more intelligent that unaffected pandas shunned them, labeling them Bamboozlers. They eventually built a suave bamboo wall around their valley...the area now referred to as Bamboozlers Garden. The Bamboozlers got so intelligent they started experimenting with alchemy and learned how to transmute new Bamboozlers through what they call "gm" (generative-manifestation). They managed 2274 successful gm's....4726 transmutations caught fire and burned Bamboozlers have built an Experimental group testing new transmutations and exploring what other vibes the metaverse has to offer.