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We came from an early crypto and online marketing background to conquer the NFT world. Having resources and the extended experience in how things work, we came up with a long-term strategy for our very first NFT drop, the Bohemian Bulldogs.We are in the 80's. Renowned artists like YSL and Andy Warhol, big fans of French Bulldogs, inspire us to create an NFT collection of these precious and incredible creatures. We are inspired by the 70's/80's era of fashion from artists like YSL and Andy Warhol. We see the eighties as a period of time where there was a different way of thinking, dressing and expressing yourself. It was a time of rebellion, in which people dressed as they saw fit. With Bohemian Bulldogs, our ambition is to create a solid community around our business strategies. We're already working with top developers and influencers to create the best NFT and DEX tools on the market.