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BladeRunner Punks (BRP)

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BladeRunner Punks are the new generation of punk avatar NFTs, residing on the Ethereum blockchain. 10,000 unique futuristic dystopian profile pictures newly constructed from scratch from over 100 traits, to a defined punk-DNA rarity system. With a cool clean confident look, always forward facing and drawing eye-to-eye contact, BladeRunner Punks emanate strong identity and status. The collection was inspired by the greatest science fiction movie of all time, and by the greatest punk NFT collection of all time! Look out for two new classes of punk - the 5 Replicants (Mythical) and the 124 Androids (Legendary) with their own sets of new traits. These will be very valuable in the future, alongside the more familiar rare types - the 9 Aliens (Mythical) and the 88 Zombies (Legendary). Every punk has been redesigned from the old OG look to be unique, with fresh new trait combinations! Note: BladeRunner Punks are not associated with Larva Labs, the Blade Runner movie, or Alcon Entertainment.