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🔥 Fast Rising Floor 🔥 🌟 Limited Collection 🌟 🙏 25% Donation to Charity 🙏 --- *Crypticons* is a limited collection of 512 unique computer-generated NFT artworks, all 1/1 editions, that pay tribute and give back to the crypto ecosystem. The collection celebrates the amazing innovation in crypto today. To inspire & empower the next generation of blockchain developers in the USA, 25% of all primary sales are donated to the Crypto Kids Camp charity. *Crypticons* are generated from words. Every word generates a different image – like a snowflake. This project is still in its early stages. Please follow us on [Twitter]( so that we can apply for verification. --- Each week, 16 Crypticons are listed from both the Lexicon and Projects series. The floor price starts at 0.01 ETH, and rises by 0.01 ETH each week for 16 weeks: - Week 01: 0.01 ETH - Week 16: 0.16 ETH For the full schedule visit [](