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A collection limited to 6969 Elon Punks. The Elon Punk Yacht Club will be free to mint. Elon Punk Yacht Club NFTs will function as a membership to EPYC exclusives. OG holders will benefit from even more EPYC Exclusives: our future projects will not be free, unless you are an OG EPYC holder. This is a once-in-a-lifetime free opportunity to benefit from EPYC Exclusives.The Elon Punk Yacht Club NFT collection consists of Human Elon Punks and 3 mutants: Alien Elon Punks 👽 (0.420%) Doge Elon Punks 🐕 (0.69%) and Zombie Elon Punks 🧟 (1.42069%). Not affiliated with Larva Labs or Yuga Labs.