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Guppy Gang (GUPPY)

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Guppy Gang is a next-generation NFT created by the same team behind the Untamed Isles, a hugely popular upcoming open-world crypto MMORPG monster-taming game. Guppy Gang features beautiful generative artwork created by our talented game artists, each one depicting a unique 'Guppy', a loveable monster from the Untamed Isles world. Guppy Gang token holders will receive the following benefits: • An in-game portrait of their Guppy which they can hang in their house in-game. • The ability to generate a 'Guppy Doodle' NFT item in-game, an AI-generated drawing made by their Guppy. • A monthly air-drop of NFT tickets to the in-game 'Guppy Paradise Fair', a carnival event where players can win rare cosmetic NFT items. • Additionally, Guppy Gang holders can optionally sell their airdropped tickets to other players