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If Kermt Was A Pokemon ()

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This is a collection of now 3000 UNIQUE and colorful NFT's! This collection ain't just about making money of NFT's. As a result of that, a lot of work and passion has been put into these handdrawn layers and despite that, they are very cheap!Price: 3 MATICBut what is most important about this project is the community! This is a very young community where we aim to bond and support each other in the development of Web 3.0! We also aim to give as much back as we can. This is done by helping out where the help is needed the most! Therefore a portion of the profit goes to a Charity decided by YOU... The community! We also do giveaways with free mints, crypto, and NFT's from other collections, which we team up with! So join the discord and become a part of the community!This collection is based on an idea of the fun and nostalgic feeling that the Kermit/Pokemon traits gives! As of now, Kermit is only portrait as Bulbasaur here in the frst collection, but there is more to come!