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Kumo x World Residents (KUMO)

6666 Items
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Kumo’s world is a world full of fun and adventures, where people can just be silly and be a big kid without being judged. We are 100% community focused and an interactive RPG kind project where we work together as a team to discover Kumo’s world. 6,666 Kumo residents, 9 classes: Apes, Harajukus, Foodies, Creatives, Ninjas, Sea Creatures, Undead, Onis, Deities. 0-29 are OG expedition residents from ROADMAP: - Children Storybooks - Kumochis (like pets) - KxW Coins daily reward with your Kumo Resident, which can be then used to buy items and evolve your Kumochi. Come join us on our adventures