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MondrianNFT (MND)

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*** early-minting for MondrianNFT holders begins Oct. 19th @ 4AM UTC.*** ***You Must Hold a MondrianNFT in Your Wallet on Oct. 18th @ 4AM UTC to be Whitelisted.*** MondrianNFT is a Collection of 4096 Provably-Rare Generative Mondrian-Inspired Vector NFT Abstracts. Spanning the entirety of Piet's multiple styles, phases, and formats, with rarity that reflects his real-world collection.'s MondrianNFT accurately reflects each phase of Mondrian's collection as generative infinitely scalable vector graphics. (PNG included) Created by, it's much more than computer-generated blocks. With an added crypto-spin, Mondrian NFT is a fun high-fidelity homage. is a humanist take on generative art. Each one has small imperfections like cracked paint and jagged lines. You can easily edit and inspect your MondrianNFT with FOSS software like Inkscape. ^^^Owners of a MondrianNFT will receive a companion drop.^^^