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Non-Fungible Soup (NFS)

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Non-Fungible Soup is a collection of 2048 generative Warhol-inspired vector NFTs. Created by, Non-Fungible Soups are a high fidelity investigation of Warhols palette and infamous work, the 'soup cans.' Andy would have loved NFTs. And NFT art faces a lot of the same questions Warhol's faced. 10,000 digital apes seems eerily like the 2021 version of 50 soup cans or 100 Marilyns. Non-Fungible Soup owners will receive a companion drop, by Non-Fungible Soups are infinitely scalable vector graphic, created with svg_stack. Non-Fungible Soups were free and minted at random on our website on Aug 26th @ 11PM PDT. Provenance is in place, and our website has been mirrored on IPFS.