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The Groovy Owl Society Episode 01 (TGOS)

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#**PRIVATE SALE (SOLD OUT)** 4444 Groovy Owls in Episode 01 with an oath to spread awareness against the global environmental changes have been assigned on the Ethereum Blockchain under the ERC721 Contract. This project is going to serve a most critical aspect of global need in the way of helping towards forest care and battling the Climate changes in the form of donations & social services. There will be a collaboration with the global artists who would play their part in this awareness campaign. For this purpose, there is a Musical fashion forest cafe is to be launched in the United Kingdom and virtually on a Metaverse to be called "The Groovy Owl Society" Minting / Buying 1 Groovy Owl means you have planted 2 Trees. Let's have hands in hands in this cause to be fulfilled in a Groovy way.