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The Picaroons (PIC)

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Welcome Aboard ! Here be The Picaroons. A motley crew of eight animal vagabonds thrown together by chance & fate. The original Picaroons of 1665, sailing on the Mischief’s Revenge have long since deceased. However their deeds and names live on in Royal, Golden & Ghostly form. Their 10,000 pirat’ diasporaah (with many most uncommon features) have set sail on the seven metaver-seas. Join us on our quest for treasure, biscuits and….love. The Picaroons have been launched by the Shipbuilders: @lucasantics. The incredible muralist & illustrator Alex Lucas - the wind in our sails. @blockmarktech. The tech team, 2018 OG NFT creators. @Pranksy. NFT advisors.