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Toy Boogers (TOY)

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Minting Now on Presale Mints Wed 11/17/21 Public Sale Sat 11/20/21 The year was 2021 when a group of NFT fanatics started developing special teleportation technology to physically transport themselves into the metaverse. The development was rushed in excitement and somehow a booger got smeared onto the machine’s focusing crystal. Little did they know, this would cause a critical (but delightful) malfunction. When they used the machine, they got combined and rearranged with all the crazy avatars in their collections as they teleported into the metaverse. They became an epic NFT collection themselves called Toy Boogers. The Toy Boogers collection consists of 3,333 unique NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain, stored as ERC-721 tokens, and hosted on IPFS. The Toy Boogers collection is 100% handmade and not programmatically generated. Every single NFT is a 1/1 original piece of artwork created by Doug, the creator and founder of Toy Boogers.