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Weird Whales (WHALE)

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Weird Whales is an NFT collection created by twelve-year-old programmer [Benyamin]( from London, UK who began learning to code at the age of five. The project started as an educational endeavour. Benyamin created all the base layers for the whales (normal, zombie, ape, alien) and the traits using pixel art. He then generated 3350 unique digital collectibles programmatically using an open-source Python script that he customized. It is the first instance of a Kawaii pixel whale used in a generative art project with custom on-chain and cryptographically secure provenance. The project success and backstory forms a core part of early NFT, generative art and digital collectible history. It has been featured in [The New York Times](, [Business Insider](, [CNBC](, [The Telegraph](, The Guardian, ITV News, BBC, NY Post, Decrypt and many more.