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Chrome extension that allows users to view NFT rarity right on the OpenSea marketplace

The main feature that differentiates us from other tools is the Chrome extension that allows you to view rarity insights right on the marketplace. Besides, we have worked hard for it to be precise and match the formula tools like Rarity Tools are using.

Key features

Chrome Extension: Seamless integration with OpenSea for real-time rarity analysis.

Access to a comprehensive database of 4000+ analyzed collections.

16k+ contacts that have shown interest in NFTs and Crypto ranks on Google

  • Thanks to its unique name, the site ranks high when searching for NFT ranks and many collection names.
  • The site has a responsive design and a clean, sleek look.

The best integrations put in place

Everything you need for the business to work

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We use Paddle to collect payments

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Our extension seamlessly integrates with Opensea and LooksRare marketplace

We use Google Analytics to track our success

The buyer will get social media accounts with all followers

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